Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Open Beta Testing of the SceneGate Viewer!


Your work and feedback have been incorporated in this official release 1.0.0. The project wiki has been updated with user tutorials and relevant information.

For anyone who would like to contribute code or port code to other viewer projects, please review the developer resources and the specific policies and

procedures as the repository is opened to the public. The latest code is in the SceneGate branch.


In summary, these changes and improvements were added:


Onboarding Improvements

1) Expanded simplified mode to include ability to open contents of objects.

2) Changed the Metaverse Depot grid splash page in all default grid lists to remove user confusion on where to enter their username and password.


Usability and Branding Improvements

1) Removed Alchemy installer images seen when installing or uninstalling the viewer.

2) Updated strings in the default Starlight CUI skin for downloads and release notes links.


Known Issues:

1) Linux Audio Driver may not load - under test.

2) Login to favorite location may send the user home - open issue.


User Rating: 5 / 5

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